Our Rapid Response Team can be reached via our Support desk or E-mail at any time. We have on-site and off-site staff available to assist you during all hours making support available to all clients 24/7.

Efficient customer support is one of our main priorities, that is why we provide a vast array of available support mediums. We know that when our customers need help, they'll need it fast. This is where our Rapid Response Team comes into play. Any helpdesk or e-mail request to any department is notified to each and every one of our staff who are on duty via e-mail and SMS. This way our staff will know when you've submitted the request and will be able to respond to you almost immediately.

We strongly recommend that you use our support desk to get in touch with Zeropid Technologies. Our engineers are available 24x7 (literally) ready to assist. Be it 12pm on a busy lunch time or 3am Christmas Day - we are standing by.

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